A World Of Experience

At Panoche Creek Packing, we’ve been packing and shipping almonds – and only almonds – to a worldwide market since 1982. Today, we are one of the largest almond handlers in the world. In all our years of service, always under the leadership of the same family, we’ve proven our ability to meet our customers’ almond needs, however specific, year-round. We have the capacity, the ability and the flexibility to meet your needs. And we look forward to providing an offer on your next almond order.

We say “yes” to more requests

Panoche Creek Packing has its almond processing facility in Kerman, California.  We have expanded our facility as we have grown. This means we can handle even the largest orders and often say “yes” to orders of any size with shorter lead times.

Year-round delivery

Panoche Creek Packing is always ready to provide offers and deliver almonds anywhere in the world, 12 months a year. Second- and third-tier almond handlers can only serve buyers for certain months during the year. We’re always in the market.


Greater quality and efficiency

Our state-of-the-art processing equipment combines cameras and lasers to remove foreign material and to cull out scarred almonds. This technology allows us to process higher volumes of premium almonds, and do it more efficiently.

Leading food safety practices

At Panoche Creek Packing, quality involves more than the pristine appearance of our almonds. Our processing practices make us an industry leader for food safety, as well. We are one of the few almond handlers in California that invites outside agencies to do unannounced audits to ensure that our processes and our staff follow our strict programs for hygiene, fumigation and pest control.



AIB & DFA Scores

To the right are graphs showing our historical scores for two voluntary and comprehensive Good Manufacturing Practices audits – AIB and DFA.  The scores show our dedication to doing all we can to provide our buyers with safe almonds.


Full color optical almond sorter



Optical almond sorter


Almond Sorters

Optical and laser almond sorters



Almond sizing shaker