A Proven Commitment to Almond Growers

At Panoche Creek Packing, we’ve been marketing almonds for our growers since 1982. In an industry where handlers can come and go, sometimes quickly, we’ve only grown stronger.

Today, Panoche Creek Packing is one of the largest almond handlers in the industry. In all our years of service, always under the leadership of the same family, we’ve proven our ability to remain financially dependable and grower-focused. We’re proud of the financial successes we’ve helped our growers attain and the loyalties we’ve earned over the years. And we believe the future looks just as promising. As you choose the company that will bring your almonds to market, we ask you to consider the company that has done it exceptionally well over time. We ask you to consider Panoche Creek Packing.

Marketing almonds –and only almonds – since 1982